Unleash Your Inner Goddess, Create the Business & Life of Your Dreams!

Girl, I know you.
Your vision. Your passion. Your hustle.
Running a business is hard.
You give it your all, and it doesn’t seem to be enough. You’re overwhelmed and overworked trying to figure out how to grow your business.  Your bank account doesn’t reflect the hours you spend working, doing the never-ending list of gotta-do and have-tos.
Your excitement and vision has grown dim. Your confidence and mojo have tanked, and you wonder what you are doing. You may even be feeling unworthy or worse… an imposter.
Sometimes it feels like it would be simpler to give up. Is it really worth it? Although you have the ideas and inspiration, it’s hard to know how to put the all pieces together that creates a business that supports your dream life – time & financial freedom, and the flexibility you are looking for as a Goddesspreneur.
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It can be tough when you’re trying to accomplish something big in your life. You’re growing and developing new skills you’ve never used before. You’re implementing new ideas and strategies that may or may not have worked when you first tried them.
And let’s face it…
  • There are people in your life that just don’t think big like you do.
  • You’re going it alone with no support because your family & friends don’t understand your unique challenges.
  • They may even be jealous of your ambitions because making big money  & success is un-imaginable for them.
  • So there you are…left to navigate the sometimes challenging aspects of running a business.
goddesspreneur, women in business, business growth
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The worst thing you can do is take this journey alone.
Let me show you how to easily:
  • Transform Your Ideas Into Income & Impact

  • Amplify Your Vision & Mission So You Have A Roadmap

  •  Attract More of Your Ideal Client/Customer

  •  Develop Your Multi-Six Figure Formula (and beyond) for Success

  • Have More Time Freedom & Flexibility

  • Make a Bigger Impact & Create a Legacy

  • Create a Life You Love With Flexibility & Fun!

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At Goddesspreneur™, we believe that women are the key to social change, and their ideas are creating a more sustainable future. More and more women are stepping into the entrepreneurial arena every year. But without the right skills and tools, most businesses fail.
Women know what their communities need to grow and thrive. At Goddesspreneur™, we are on a mission to provide the tools and systems to transform your Ideas into the Income and Impact by
  • Clarifying Your Goals, Vision & the Imact You Want to Make
  • Magnifying Your Superpowers So You Know Your Path
  • Strategizing Your Goals & Actions Steps to Create Momentum
  • Manifesting More Clients with Systems That Build Relationships
  • Boosting Your Confidence So You Attract the Right Clients & Opportunities
  • Breaking Through Money + Success Blocks & Master Your Mindset
    as a results, you’ll more productive, confident and create the business you want without sacrificing what matters most to you – your time & energy!
goddesspreneur, women in business, women entrepreneurs
Best of all… you will discover how to create the lifestyle and business you dream about – with Flexibility, Freedom and FUN!
goddesspreneur, women in business, women entrepreneurs
Hi, I’m Jana Groscost – a seasoned business & money coach, speaker and author. I love empowering Goddesspreneurs create a Rockin’ Business that provides them with the income and make the impact that feeds their soul.
It’s my passion and joy to support women around the globe achieve their goals by developing workable strategies, building relationships with clients, and mastering money so that they manifest an abundant life. I know what it feels like to struggle to get what you want. For years I wanted flexibility and time freedom, but was scared to leave a job.
After working for an abusive boss and a trip to the ER for an anxiety attack, I finally got the courage to leave. I cracked the code on how to manifest the time and financial freedom I wanted.
Now I’m on a mission to empower women financially . With over 3 decades as a business coach, consultant and former tax accountant, I’ve discovered the critical elements that influence success in business and life. These factors have been a game changers for me… and the good news is that these can be mastered and applied by you in all areas of your life. Are you ready to master these too?
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