Inspiration, Activities, And Resources To
Move The Needle Forward So You Increase Momentum
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1. You are ambitious.
You have many goals you want to achieve, yet may have trouble reaching them. It seems like you take a few steps forward, then fall back into old patterns. Your goals often feel like they are just out of reach.
You often feel frustrated with your progress (or lack of it) and may feel like giving up. Your friends and family don’t get you. They wonder why you want more. In fact, they may encourage you to give up. But something inside keeps pushing you to achieve them.
To help you get the results you want, you need the right support system. You need people who think like you do, and have big goals like you do. People that hear you and provide support in your goals, clarity in your actions steps, tools to help you master your mindset – including releasing limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back.
You want people in corner who cheer you on and help you stay accountable to YOU!
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3. Momentum
Let’s face it, Monday’s get a bad rap. On Sunday night so many people begin to dread the coming week. They may feel anxious and stressed, wondering how to make a change. Yet, Mondays are 1 seventh of our lives. Imagine starting the week with purpose and positive intentions instead of dread. How much better would your week go?
Your Mindset on Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week. To make the most out of your week, your Monday intentions should outline how you will create as much Momentum as possible towards completing your goals, creating measurable progress, and advancing your mission.
I call it “Momentum.” Why? Because Moving creates Momentum. Sir Isaac Newton said, “A body in motion stays in motion. While a body at rest stays at rest.”
When you create movement and have a game plan, you generate momentum. When you’ve got Momentum, it’s actually easier to get things done and the energy that your Momentum motivates you to keep moving.
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2. You want better results.
When you go to the gym, you are more likely to achieve your goals by having the right support system – such as a trainer, teacher or coach. The same thing is true with your goals. You need people around you that cheer you on, and inspire you to stay on track with the right tools and information.
You want people who help push yourself out of your comfort zone and face old belief systems that no longer serve you. That’s where we come in.
In Sunday Strategy for Momentum Mondays – we do just that. Help you stay accountable to you by providing a weekly place that helps you get clarity your goals and the action steps you need to take. By having clarity, it makes it easier to map out your goals. You’ll also have tools to help you break through any hurdles that are standing in your way, and systems to amp-up your Abundance Code so you get bigger, bolder results.
Each week we help you stay accountable to you. In Sunday Strategy for Momentum Mondays, you have a safe space to dream bigger with others who also want more, and actually get the support you need to “move the needle forward.”
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Sunday Strategy For MOMENTUM MONDAY

Is a group program created to energize your ideas and strategize you action steps so you keep Moving Forward and generate Momentum. During each weekly 1-hour Sunday session, you will:
– share wins and challenges from the prior week
– clarify your weekly goals
– create daily actions steps so you keep the needle moving forward
– visualize your progress and success
– insight into overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
– Goal Activation exercise to amplify your ability to attract magic
– inspiration to create momentum, getting better results
We meet on Sunday evening 8 pm ET [5 pm PT], so you’re primed and ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

All sessions are recorded and available in the Member’s Portal

Meet Your Mentors

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Each of your mentors has an amazing arsenal of tools to support your progress and momentum.
They have mastered life lessons, experienced business breakthroughs, and overcome obstacles that have given them insight and wisdom to authentically share their pool of resources to help you achieve your goals. They walk their talk, and support you in creating momentum and bigger results.

Here are what people are saying about Momentum Mondays

“Momentum Mondays is exactly what I’ve been looking for, something that helped me get organized and focused for the week. I’m much more productive and stay on track during the week.”  – Beth
“In the last 3 weeks of being in Momentum Monday I’ve seen so many miracles and made more progress than I thought was possible.”  – Alana
Whether you’re working on personal or business goals, Moving Forward Mondays gives you the consistent support to reach your goals. You create systems that build momentum, inspiring you to make continual progress. We are here to celebrate your milestones, as well as support you in overcoming challenges.
Aren’t you tired of struggling to reach your goals alone? You’re more likely to create momentum and reach your goals with Moving Forward Mondays than you would working on your own.
Join us today!

Monthly Subscription

  • Weekly Sunday Strategy Workshops
  • Clarity about your goals & weekly action steps
  • Accountability to help you stay on track
  • Supportive group cheering you on
  • Visualization exercises to help you see your success
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Annual Subscription

  • Weekly Sunday Strategy Workshops
  • Clarity about your goals & weekly action steps
  • Accountability to help you stay on track
  • Supportive group cheering you on
  • Visualization exercises to help you see your success
  • Get 2 months free with annual subscription