Meet Jana

Jana Groscost has been coaching and consulting entrepreneurs for the past 20+ years. She is also a speaker and writer. She provides valuable insights and actionable steps that help clients create strategies and boost productivity. She is on a mission to empower women financially so they create a business that provides flexibility, freedom and fun.

In addition to being a business coach, she is also an energy healer and metaphysical teacher. She is a former tax accountant and business analyst, helping companies quadruple to 10x their income.

Her brand new, best-selling book, Goddesspreneur™ Game Plan guides you through a series of insights and powerful processes for building a profitable business. The book also transforms your mind and limiting beliefs so that you experience a new sense of freedom and success. 

The truth is, every woman in business needs a Game Plan that provides practical action to create momentum. Goddesspreneur™ Game Plan is a must have for any woman who is inspired to make an impact and create a successful business.

The Goddesspreneur™ Academy was born from Jana’s mission to empower women, providing tools to upgrade their business and money skills. She offers programs, masterminds and retreats that upgrade women’s business and money skills, as well as overcoming hidden challenges so women achieve more.