You give it your all, and it doesn’t seem to be enough. You’re overwhelmed and overworked trying to figure out “how” to build your business.  Your bank account doesn’t reflect the hours you spend working, doing the never-ending list of gotta-do and have-tos. Maybe you’ve taken some courses to get the basics, but things just aren’t working for you.
You may have BIG ideas, and want to make a BIG impact, but have no idea “how” to make it happen. Although you have ideas, you’re caught in the “how blues” trying to figure out your formula for success.
You fall into an endless loop of doing the same thing, stuck in groundhog day… expecting different results.
Running a business is hard. You’ve got commitments, feel exhausted, and sometimes wonder why you want to do it. It’s all too easy to retreat into the comfort zone and leave the scary/hard/big goals for another day…
But I’ve got to be real here… things won’t change, until you do.
Those big ideas and dreams about your your business will stay shelved, as the days and years keep ticking away… unless you get the support to create your Six-Figure Formula. Until then, you’ll stay stuck in the hustle and grind.
Your excitement have grown dim. Your confidence and mojo have tanked, and you wonder what you are doing wrong. You may even be feeling unworthy or worse… an imposter.
Sometimes it feels like it would be simpler to give up. You may even wonder, is it really worth it?
Although you have the ideas and inspiration, it’s hard to know how to put the all pieces together that creates a business that actually supports your dream life – time & financial freedom, and the flexibility you are looking for as a Goddesspreneur™.
goddesspreneur, women in business, women entrepreneur, business success
At Goddesspreneur™, we believe women are the key to social change. It is their ideas that are transforming their communities, and creating a more sustainable future. Women know what their communities need to grow and thrive.
More and more women are stepping into the entrepreneurial arena every year. But without the right foundation, skills and tools, most businesses fail.

Creating Your Roadmap Will Be Your Unique Formula For Success!

Through Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching, you’ll upgrade your business skills, develop strategies and action plans to get you out of the “how blues” and into the “how to’s.” Of course, every business has it’s own unique flare, but they all have the same underlying business pillars. Through Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching you create the foundation for your unique business that supports the life you want.

In Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop Your Unique Six-Figure Formula for Success
  • Clarify Your Goals, Vision, Mission and the Impact You Want to Make
  • Magnify Your Superpowers So You Know Your Path
  • Strategize Your Goals & Actions Steps to Create Momentum
  • Attract More People (Clients) with Systems That Build Relationships
  • Boost Your Confidence So You Attract the Right Clients & Opportunities
  • Break Through Money + Success Blocks, Fears & Limiting Beliefs
  • Magnify Profits and Understand the Energy & Flow of Money
  • Master Your Mindset So You Get Bigger, Bolder Results
  • And Much, Much More…
As a graduate of Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching, you’ll walk away with the systems and strategies that build your six-figure foundation. From there,the sky is the limit. You’ll have the tools you need to keep going and growing.
You’ll discover how to become more productive, confident and have the skills that help you create the business and life you want without sacrificing what matters most to you – your time & energy!
goddesspreneur, women in business, women success
You may be thinking… well the economy has tanked, maybe now isn’t the right time to do this. Did you know that successful companies such as IBM, Kraft, Uber, Trader Joe’s, Microsoft… and many others ALL began during a recession? With major transitions taking place in the economy, you’ve got to have the right formula to succeed.
Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching provides the information, resources and sisterhood women need.
Whether you’re looking to start a new business, take your business to the next level, or achieve the optimal life-work balance, start with Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula to get your foundation right.
With the right Six-Figure Formula you’ll create a clear vision and your unique roadmap for success that aligns with your goals and your life. With your Six-Figure Formula you’ll have the tools to attract more clients, so that you are swimming in abundance, and create a life you love!

goddesspreneur, women in business, business success, women empowering women

I’m Jana Groscost, and I’m on a mission… to empower women to live a purpose driven life,
by maximizing their unique Super Powers and thriving in their Genius Zone.

With my expertise, passion and enthusiasm, inspire women to dream bigger and live bolder.
My soul-purpose is empowering women, especially financially by helping them create the business and live they LOVE.

For over 35 years, as a business consultant and former tax accountant, I have helped women upgrade their business skills, improve financial literacy, boost confidence, and maximize their personal strengths. My clients have doubled, quadrupled and 10x their income. Plus, I bring a unique flare by integrating Energy Healing to help women unlock their potential and blast past limiting beliefs & crippling patterns that prevent the growth and freedom they want.

Brick by brick, I strategically help women get better results by giving them tools and skills to
breakthrough limitations and take action. It’s my job to show them how to do that.

goddesspreneur, business success, women in business, financial empowerment
What thrills me most is seeing the shift women make as a result of participating in Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching.
It literally lights me up when they get it! And when they see “how” to do it, they achieve it.
Here’s what people are saying:
Jessica. goddesspreneur, women in business

I’m inspired to be more of who I am capable of being. You are a model of possibility. Thank you for being open and sharing your expertise.

Jessica L.
Cheryl, goddesspreneur

I’m creating the life I’m meant to lead. By participating in her courses, I’ve seen a difference in healing my personal and family patterns around success and money. As a result I’ve boosted my finances and restructured my mindset. 

Cheryl L.
Kathy, goddesspreneur

I discovered how to go deeper and change my mindset and feeling worthy of receiving more. Since working with Jana, I’ve made leaps and bounds financially and spiritually. As I heal, the more open I am to receiving wealth and abundance. Jana has been a fabulous leader in empowering my relationship with money and my business.

Kathy C.
This Mastermind is for you if…
  • You’re tired of thinking about your goals, but never really achieving them
  • You’re ready to get out of “stuck mode” and take action to create your desired reality
  • You have big goals and dreams, but need a bit of structure, guidance and accountability to achieve them
  • You’re still pushing up against resistance and fear in moving forward and need additional healing work to breakthrough barriers
  • You want to achieve meaningful transformation and progress towards your goals over the next 9 months
  • You’re ready to live by a new set of rules – and for your “new normal” to be better than the old one
  • You’re excited to join a thriving community with other like-minded women who are excited about their goals and creating an amazing future
Create the business, impact and life you love!
Join Goddesspreneur™ Six-Figure Formula Coaching Now!
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