Girl, I know you.
Your vision. Your passion. Your hustle.
Running a business is hard.

Have you ever struggled to get the results you want with your goals? You may have even given up trying to reach them. Well you are not alone.
It can be tough when you’re trying to accomplish something big in your life. You’re growing and developing new skills you’ve never used before. You’re implementing new ideas and strategies that may or may not have worked when you first tried them.
Even with a group of well-meaning friends or family, you may not have the support you need. Your goals and dreams may be much bigger than their goals. If your goals are bigger than the ideas of people around you, then you’re in the wrong room.
You need to be in a place with people who are doing what you want to do, so that you take your ideas and business to the next level. Be in the room with people who have been where you are, and are willing to show you how to get there too.
We, as women, are meant to connect and collaborate. No one can do this alone. It takes a village. It’s important to encircle yourself with people that think bigger than you do to expand your perspective. That’s what helps you reach your goals.
If you are ready to go faster and actually reach your goals, then we provide several solutions to support you, and to fit within everyone’s budget. Get on the list to hear about exclusive content, special offers, and more.
Goddesspreneur, women in business, business success
Monday Momentum calls are available to help you stay accountable and on track with your goals. these sessions are fueld with high-vibrating energy to support miracles during your week.
Each Monday the group meets for one hour to help you clarify your weekly action steps that align with your goals. The coach will ask participants to share wins they have had or challenges they have experienced from the prior week. In this group setting there are amazing questions and insight that come up. You will be more accountable to yourself and your goals by having a support system that actually works.
GoddesspreneurBook Club is an online program where the book is read as a group and key concepts are discussed with a coach. The book club helps you progress and avoid getting stuck. Of course, you may create your own book club and master the concepts. It is recommended to have at least 5 people in your book club.
GoddesspreneurGroup Coaching helps you dive deeper into the chapters of Goddesspreneur™ Game Plan, mastering key concepts and upgrading your skills, so that you become more efficient, productive and get bigger, bolder results. Since mastering the Inner Game is so vital to your success, you will also receive extensive support in overcoming limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back from taking action. You will be surprised at how you transform during this Group Coaching program.
Goddesspreneur, women in business, business success
Goddesspreneur Mastermind is an intimate mastermind for women who have completed the Goddesspreneur™ Group Coaching program and want continued support to grow their business and achieve their goals.
Through this mastermind you have continued coaching sessions, ongoing support, additional insight specific to your goals and deeper healing of fears and limiting beliefs so that you stay on track with your goals. You will make new friends that help you change your perspective and transform – personally and professionally.
Hi! I’m Jana Groscost. I’m a writer, speaker, business coach and consultant, metaphysical teacher and healer. For the past 35 years I have been helping businesses quadruple and 10x their income. With practical business tools, mind shifting techniques and energy healing, I support women transform old patterns and embrace success principles so they create the type of business and life they want.
As a former tax accountant and business consultant, I help women feel empowered with their business so they make more money and have the strategies to create six and seven figure businesses. At Goddesspreneur™ we support women in upgrading their business skills, discover how to master money, and create multiple streams of income so that they live an amazing life filled with time and financial abundance.
At Goddesspreneur™, we are here to revolutionize business. Through programs, books, programs, speaking engagements, masterminds, and retreats, we provide a compassionate, nurturing community so that women create sustainable, abundant heart-centered results. Are you ready to transform your business and your life? Join us and change your results!
Goddesspreneur, women in business, business success