Spring Forward

Accelerate Your Success By Strategizing Your Goals
And Aligning Them With The Cycles of Nature

Are you reaching your goals at the rate you want?
Do you have a plan for your goals and business?
Is your plan working for do you feel like your spinning your wheels?
Are you stuck doing the same things expecting different results?

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.”

Success is determined by a simple process – your ability to Plan – Do – Review
Successful people have a system where they Create a Plan, Work the Plan and Review Progress each quarter. The quarterly timeframe gives them the opportunity to assess their progress, pivot, adapting to changes in our fast-paced world.
As the CEO of your life (and business), following a similar system supports you in achieving bigger, bolder results, accelerating your progress, and creating the momentum you want in reaching your goals.
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success strategies, business success, women in business, goddesspreneur, women entrepreners


Who do you know that has big ideas, but struggles to make progress or create momentum? Who do you know that wants to release emotional baggage? Who do you know that keeps sabotaging their success?
Sure they can “wing it” but will that really get them where they want to go? Without a plan, systems, and accountability it’s like throwing darts, hoping they’ll hit the target. With Spring Forward Workshop, they will create the plan, work the plan, adjust the plan, and hit the target – over and over.
As they achieve their goals, they’ll feel energized and excited for what “else” they can do. And as they achieve more, they’ll be asking themself, “How does life get any better than this?”
quarterly success, business growth, goals, women in business, women entrepreneurs
success strategies, women in business, women entrepreneurs, goddesspreneur
How Spring Forward Workshop Works
This program is one-part woo-woo, one-part practical strategizing, and one part astrology. We tune into “nature” and the energies the Spring Equinox to renew, regenerate and launch you forward.
The Spring Forward Workshop brings in “energy cleansing tools” to purge past low vibrating energies and situations so that you prepare your physical, mental, and energetic bodies to anchor higher vibrations, and attract more of the good stuff you want. We give you the rituals to keep your energy clear, as well as having a systematic approach in achieving your goals.
The Spring Forward Workshop is a 6-Hour event that includes:
Purging old energies for your relationships, money, health & business
Energizing your year with your big, bold goals
Aligning your energy with your goals and dreams
Strategizing a roadmap and timelines for your goals
Developing your projects, tasks, & actions steps to achieve more
– Review and repeat
When are the Spring Forward Workshop Sessions?
March 21, 2023 7-10pm ET / 4-7pm PT (3 hours)
March 28, 2023 7-10 pm ET / 4-7pm PT (3 hours)
all sessions are recorded
goddesspreneur, women in business, business success, success strategies
success strategies, women in business, business success, goddesspreneur, women rocking money
goddesspreneur, women in business, business strategies, success strategies, women entrepreneurs

goddesspreneur, success strategies, women in business, women entrepreneurs

I’m Jana, Goddesspreneur™ Business Coach, speaker and best-selling author. For over 30 years as a Tax Accountant, I helped businesses discover “how” to double, triple and 10x their goals. And as an energy healer I help people break through unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and family programming.

With an intuitive and systematic approach, I help move you transform from the “how blues” and into the “how to” achieve all your goals and desires. Whatever your version of success is, you can achieve it and have it, on your terms. In fact, by working with me, many of my clients now dream bigger than they ever thought was possible because their previous “impossible” is now their reality.

Do you have a vision that inspires you, but feels like it’s just out of reach?

I get it. I’ve been there!

… and I’m on a mission to help you transform your ideas into the life you want now!

Who do you know that wants to manifest the life they love?

Join Us In Spring Forward Workshop where you’ll:
  • Clarify your big vision for your life and your business
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be costing you time, money, business, & health
  • Get crystal clear on your next right step, so you make progress & see results
  • Feel energized, inspired and revitalized to move your life & business the way you want it
  • Know exactly what to do next to double, triple or 10x your results!
Spring Forward Workshop helps your dreams become… reality!