Do you feel you are deserve more abundance?
Are you wondering why you are consciously or unconsciously sabotaging yourself?
Do you want more, but wonder why you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall?
The universe is waiting to send you MORE… so how are you pushing it away?
Your ability to “receive” goes beyond simply “thinking” you are worthy.  Sure, you can strategize, visualize, and repeat affirmations, but there are deeper roots to what is holding you back.
To get you into “abundance” mode, I’ve put together a Spring Equinox Success Strategies workshop that aligns with the astrological New Year. Spring is the time of “initiating” something new. Take clues from the cycles of nature and get into it’s rhythms to receive more love, joy, better health, more money, better relationships… and much more, then join us in the Spring Forward Workshop.
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Success is determined by a simple process – your ability to Plan – Do – Review
Successful people have a system where they Create a Plan, Work the Plan and Review Progress each quarter. Spring is the perfect opportunity to assess your goals and create a map towards your success.
As the CEO of your life (and business), following a similar system supports you in achieving bigger, bolder results, accelerating your progress, and creating the momentum you want in reaching your goals.

Honestly… we need to heal this STUFF now!
So it’s gone FOREVER!

success strategies, women in business, women entrepreneurs, goddesspreneur
How Spring Forward Workshop Works
This program is part energy healing, planning and strategizing, along with a sprinkle of astrology. We tune into “natural rhythms” of the Spring Equinox and the beginning of the Astrological Year to maximize your ability to renew and regenerate the next steps.
The Spring Forward Workshop brings in “energetic cleansing tools” to purge past low vibrating energies, uncover unconscious & conscious patterns, fears and beliefs around relationships, health, money & business/career so that you anchor higher vibrations within your body, and attract more of the good stuff you want. We dive deep into your beliefs, patterns from this and other lifetimes, programming from your family (DNA), and soul level experiences, contracts and karma.
As energies are cleared, you make room to dream bolder and see a bigger vision for yourself and your life.
Spring Forward is a 6-Hour Workshop and includes:
– Purging old energies for your relationships, health, money, & business (career)
– Energizing your year with your big, bold vision & goals
– Aligning your energy with your goals and dreams
– Strategizing a roadmap and timelines for your goals
– Developing your projects, tasks, & actions steps to achieve more
– Review and repeat
Spring Forward Workshop helps you clarity your goals/mission and amplifies your ability to create momentum.
This program aligns with the weekly momentum workshops (Sunday Strategy for Momentum Monday). With this Spring planning, we dive deep into uncovering hidden elements that are getting in your way from manifesting the life you love.
As a member of the Sunday Strategy weekly Momentum workshops, you get a discount on the Spring Forward Workshop.
When are the Spring Forward Workshop Sessions?
March 21, 2023 7-10 pm ET (3 hours)
March 28, 2023 7-10pm ET (3 hours)
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goals, success, momentum, women in business, goddesspreneur
After Participating in Spring Forward Workshop you will:
  •  Feel energized, inspired, rejuvenated and revitalized to easily move forward
  • Align with your crystal clear big vision for your life & your business/career
  • Amplify your ability to receive more, and envision and bigger life than you thought possible
  • Have more clarity for your direction and each Sunday Strategy & Momentum session
You get physical & energetic systems upgrade, rituals and tools to keep your energy clear, as well as having a practical approach to achieving your goals.
success strategies, women in business, business success, goddesspreneur, women rocking money

Because you’re already a member of Sunday Strategy, you receive a discount on Spring Forward Workshop.

There are 2 options to participate in Spring Forward Workshop:

Option 1: Participate in the 6-hour workshop session for the investment of $69. The Spring Equinox is an amazing time to initiate “your year” with planting new seeds and aligning with the rhythms of nature. You get more clarity about your goals, clear and purge past energies that are holding you back.

PLUS if you participate for at least 50% of the event, you will receive lifetime access to the recordings.

Option 2: If you can’t join us live, invest in the 6-hour workshop recordings. With this option, you’ll have access to the recorded event for 3 weeks. Go through the information at your leisure, creating your map for success.

Choose your option below.

Not sure what to do or if you have questions… email me

Success Strategies Session

$69One Payment
  • Spring Success Strategy Session
  • Abundance Healing Meditation
  • Success Strategies Workbook
  • Attend 50% of live events & get lifetime access to the event recordings

Success Strategies Recordings

$299One Payment
  • Spring Success Strategy Session
  • Abundance Healing Meditation
  • Success Strategies Workbook (includes astrology)
  • 3-weeks access to the event recordings