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I’m Jana Groscost, Business Coach & Consultant, Speaker, and #1 Best-Selling Author of the book Goddesspreneur™ Game Plan.

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches developing their Success Strategies, as well as breaking through unconsicous blocks and patterns that they have around money, success and receiving abundance, so they get bigger, bolder results.

I’m on a mission to empower women by helping them upgrade their business & money skills and shift their mindset so they recieve more. Through my books, courses and speaking events, I help women transform and live authentically, embracing their passion and divine purpose. I love to travel so I often speak at live events on stages to empower women and in corporate events (I do help men too).

I do this work because I know what it takes to achieve and receive more. And I want to help you do it to.

As a Tax Accountant, I saw the disconnect between what people wanted to receive in their business. They have amazing skills and natural gifts, yet they didn’t know “how” to receive what they are worth. As an Energy Healer, I help people breakthrough the unconscious blocks that hold them back. Whether it’s personal limiting beliefs, programming from family members (DNA), or clearing karmic patterns – such as a vow of poverty, people often realize there is “something” holding them back, they just don’t know what to do to resolve it.

I’ve had a full range of world-wide clients, from receiving very little and only doing volunteer work, hope to receive more to people looking to make six-figures a month. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, without having a system to resolve the hidden factors, you’ll never get what you want.

That’s my mission… to heal the world and align people with true abundance so they live a life they LOVE!

See you soon!

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