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I’m Jana Groscost, Business Mentor, Speaker, and Best-selling Author of the book Goddesspreneur Game Plan.
I’m on a mission to empower women by helping them transform so they increase their visibility, impact and income. In fact, most of my clients I’ve helped them increase their income by 6 to 10x. Through innovative solutions, we help women upgrade their business & money skills, master their mindset and strategize their success.
I started the GoddessPowered Soltuions because as a tax accountant, I saw the challenges women were facing in their businesses. They had an idea, but didn’t know how to monetize it. I’m on a mission to empower billions of women.
Through my books, courses, speaking events, and retreats, we help women transform and live authentically, embracing their passion and divine purpose.
It lights me up when my clients make big shifts and get the results they want. I want to help you to!
I look forward to getting to know you and support your GoddessPowered journey.

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goddesspreneur, success strategies, women in business, women entrepreneurs